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As a small carpentry, we are specialized in furniture and small wood making. All the products we offer are produced by Dalini from the beginning to the end. 


From the initial idea, through the product design, 3D programming, crafting the wood on our CNC machines, finishing details by hand, up to the packaging.


We believe that this way the product which is filled

with our passion will bring you as much joy

as we had during its making. 

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Dalini's workshop is located in the middle of the picturesque Engadin Vally, in Susch. This extraordinary location is due to our family roots, which have grown here for generations, mastering the carpentry craftsmanship.


Our admiration of the mountain landscape is not only for its beauty, but most importantly, it allows us to access the finest wood quality, which grows on the higher altitude. Clean air and demanding weather conditions and the perfect environment for strong, healthy, and rich forests. 

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Our main goal is to use local materials and resources to make wooden, everyday use, beautiful objects which will last in your home for the next generations. 


Caring for the quality is raised with our Swiss Made tradition. We put our heart in each product that leaves our workshop to ensure that it is made with the greatest attention to detail and from the finest materials.


We believe that timeless design and quality are the best way to care for our environment.

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Sot Plaz 17
CH-7542 Susch


+41 79 815 99 30

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